La Tempesta

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We design and produce new formats and innovative digital experiences that connect with a wider audience.

  • We provide digital expression and narrative to the cultural, historical and social content that differentiates organisations and characterises collectives and cities.
  • We take on, in a careful and visually appealing way, digital projects that innovate cultural heritage: Art and archeology, history and memory, architecture and design; city and landscape; nature and biodiversity, industry and science, music and literature, ethnology and sport.
  • We create innovative digital formats that represent space, object and memory, written and archival documentation, image and the audiovisual. We use design, storytelling, web programming, mixed reality and 3D recreation.


  • "Full service" design and development of web projects.
  • New narratives: creative timelines, smart maps, webdocs...
  • New audiovisual formats.
  • 3D modelling and mixed reality (VR, AR, immersive video).
  • Digital humanities projects.
  • Valuation of the historical, cultural and social heritage of cities.
  • Activity and pedagogical resources design with digital channels..
  • Creation and updating of content for corporate channels (websites, social networks).


We set out the right strategies, the correct management tools and the best open-source technology.

  • We support knowledge-intensive organisations in their digital transformation: cultural organisations and the third sector, universities and public administrations, foundations, entities and businesses.
  • We analyse and provide the most suitable solutions that improve operational, documentary and information management processes.
  • We implement the best solutions to manage, link and display your organisation’s different content in an integrated way via collections, archives, audiovisual and administrative documentation, and corporate application data.

  • Digital strategy and technology scouting.
  • Data & content strategy.
  • Re-design of web pages and intranets.
  • Analysis of functional and technical requirements.
  • Implementation of open-source tools.
  • Consulting service for choosing new software.
  • Solutions for linked cultural heritage.
  • Cultural computing.


We help to define strategy in a participatory way and promote innovative and socially transformative policies.

  • We support internal strategic definition processes by incorporating the voices of all the parties involved: citizens, associations and bodies, internal teams and managers, and public and private agents.
  • We organize and lead group dynamics using participatory and consensus-building techniques.
  • We analyse, co-create, set out and evaluate new ideas, services and equipment to meet new demands and improve social cohesion in cities and communities.


  • Strategic master plans.
  • Leading participatory strategic reflection sessions
    (face-to-face or remote).
  • Prospective studies.
  • Project Management Office.
  • Dashboards and indicators.
  • Creative Cities and Smart Heritage.


La Tempesta
  • We are passionate about integrating the city, culture and technology into a singular unique and meaningful vision.
  • We are driven by our desire to foster culture and create new tools to reclaim the value of our social, historical and cultural heritage, for the present and the future.
  • We embrace innovation and technology, to serve our collective well-being, social cohesion and organisational improvement.
  • We innovate with our clients' teams and define the best strategy with all the parties involved.
A multidisciplinary team
  • Marc Hernández Güell
    Strategy, digital transformation and digital heritage consultant. Producer and founder.
  • Raquel Garcia
    Consultant. Documentation, web design and audiovisual communication.
  • Xavier Valentí
    Web programmer and systems administrator.
  • Elena Ananiadou
    Consultant in strategy and cultural management.
  • Rafa Soler
    Web programmer.
  • Pol Guiu
    Content curator and 3D technician.
  • Oriol Roca
    Junior Developer.
  • Collaborators:

  • Francesc Muñoz
    Observatory of urbanization. UAB
  • Xavier Ortega
    Consultant and programmer.
  • Oriol Brugarolas
    Pedagogical resources.
  • Lluc Güell
    Camera and audiovisual documentary.
We work together with
  • Cultural institutions: museums, theatres, libraries, archives, private collections, libraries, archaeological sites, monuments, interpretation centres, and documentation centres.
  • Public administrations and universities.
  • Foundations, companies and professional associations.


Here are some of the our previous projects:

DEMO REEL Digital Heritage

La Tempesta Demo Reel Digital Cultural Heritage


Creation of a bank of good practices

LIBER:Ligue des Bibliothèques Européennes de Recherche

Creative time line

A journey through the history of Barcelona Zoo

La Tempesta workday

Corporate Strategy

Participatory strategic reflection sessions.


Time machine

Virtual reality for exhibition spaces, Fire Department.

LaTempesta Data & Content Strategy

Data & Content strategy

Corporate data strategy for the College of Architects of Catalonia.

LaTempesta Audiovisual Strategy

Audiovisual strategy

Processes and tools for audiovisual management in Barcelona City Council.

LaTempesta project SO-CLOSE

European project (H2020)

So-Close: Enhancing Social Cohesion through Cultural Heritage. European Commission

Creation of an integrated documentary environment

Platform to represent the existing links between collections and other documentary typologies.

LaTempesta Storytelling project

Storytelling toolkit

LaTempesta Zoobot project

Accessible conversational chatbot

LaTempesta Collections

Online collections


We work for local and international customers and audiences, from the center of Barcelona city.
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La Tempesta
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